Owner's x30 XP Rate Combat Change forum post posted on January 30th 2013. View the original post here.

Server was offline for a bit longer than 6 hours due to some difficulties. Update came into affect at 00:56 on 30-Jan.

XP rate is now x30 for all skills. Attack, defence, strength, hitpoints, ranged, magic was x120, and prayer and slayer was x60. Current XP (and levels) for all players have been adjusted as if you were levelling with x30 XP rates all along. So all combat skills' XP was divided by 4 (but prayer and slayer XP was divided by 2) to give the x30 adjusted XP and levels.

The reduction in these skills means there is a possibility that your player may not be able to equip one of the affected skill's skillcape anymore; if that's the case, the skillcape and hood will disappear, and you will get your coin values worth either in your inventory or bank.

I have thought about the what the XP rates should be for combat skills (including prayer and slayer), and this is pretty much the best decision to go with: everything having the same XP rates. Also, skillers will finally have an equal opportunity of ranking fairly in the high scores.

There is a lot of points that could be brought up--as in more advantages than disadvantages--but I just want to get more server work done.

The next worthy update--after some forum work--will be the drop overhaul update. I haven't increased the high scores lists to 2500 players yet. This will come after the drop overhaul update.

Thanks for reading!

Here's some interesting statistics:

There was 35,797 characters at the time of this update.

Sum of Levels and XP before this Update:

Skill Quantity
Attack Level 426,331
Attack XP 15,635,281,487
Defence Level 310,072
Defence XP 14,242,175,329
Strength Level 513,557
Strength XP 23,328,380,424
Hitpoints Level 731,677
Hitpoints XP 20,756,519,765
Ranged Level 201,107
Ranged XP 8,517,471,000
Prayer Level 149,326
Prayer XP 2,078,718,054
Magic Level 100,030
Magic XP 2,728,362,717
Cooking Level 215,645
Cooking XP 3,983,239,619
Woodcutting Level 202,733
Woodcutting XP 3,421,430,174
Fletching Level 86,903
Fletching XP 1,581,587,333
Fishing Level 144,937
Fishing XP 3,418,685,988
Firemaking Level 146,078
Firemaking XP 1,158,321,502
Crafting Level 58,250
Crafting XP 257,820,520
Smithing Level 78,753
Smithing XP 619,541,777
Mining Level 140,668
Mining XP 1,764,360,781
Herblore Level 37,961
Herblore XP 3,731,783
Agility Level 68,411
Agility XP 67,484,054
Thieving Level 137,793
Thieving XP 853,772,095
Slayer Level 165,759
Slayer XP 2,484,068,306
Farming Level 35,797
Farming XP 0
Runecrafting Level 53,774
Runecrafting XP 169,191,480
Total Level 4,005,562
Total XP 107,070,144,188

Sum of Levels and XP Lost after this Update:

Skill Quantity
Attack Level 150,951
Attack XP 11,726,461,170
Defence Level 91,428
Defence XP 10,681,631,526
Strength Level 163,780
Strength XP 17,496,285,363
Hitpoints Level 152,701
Hitpoints XP 15,536,407,599
Ranged Level 48,333
Ranged XP 6,388,103,250
Prayer Level 29,468
Prayer XP 1,039,361,264
Magic Level 18,981
Magic XP 2,046,272,039
Slayer Level 19,101
Slayer XP 1,242,034,153
Total Level 674,743
Total XP 66,156,556,364

Sum of Levels and XP after this Update (Affected Skills Only: Attack, Defence, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, and Slayer):

Skill Quantity
Attack Level 275,380
Attack XP 3,908,820,317
Defence Level 218,644
Defence XP 3,560,543,803
Strength Level 349,777
Strength XP 5,832,095,061
Hitpoints Level 587,976
Hitpoints XP 5,220,112,166
Ranged Level 152,774
Ranged XP 2,129,367,750
Prayer Level 119,858
Prayer XP 1,039,356,790
Magic Level 81,049
Magic XP 682,090,678
Slayer Level 146,658
Slayer XP 1,242,034,153
Total Level 3,330,819
Total XP 40,913,587,824