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Hello, updates from now on may come at a slower pace due to the face that I have exams soon (starting from May 18 until June 22), so I apologise in advance as I really have a lot of great stuff planned for this server!

You can now buy multiple items from the voting store: Buy 5 and 10 now work.

Items which have been added to the store:

6199 6656 6654 6655 3058 6185 6186 6187 7592 7593 7595 7596 4566 2633

You might be wondering why the mime, frog, and zombie mask aren't included; I'm thinking of only making them acquirable from their respective random event or something similar to that. Mysterious boxes currently only gives 7,500 to 22,500 coins, so that is an average of 15,000 coins at the moment. At a later date, I will include other random items in the box, but I just left it as coins for now. I will be adding some more items to the store later: Fancy boots, chicken clothing, etc.

There is now an announcement every time anyone achieves level 99 in a skill (just like level 120 and above).

Bronze to adamant gloves now only require level 1 defence like they should do (thanks to Xnosis).

The list of commands in the commands interface have been updated to match the current commands available (they have changed over the course of time but I didn't update the list for a while).

Server Updated: 00:16