Owner's Total Time Fix, Full Slayer Assignments & Other Minor Bug Fixes forum post posted on February 24th 2012. View the original post here.

Server Updated: 01:58

Apologies for this little update. I really thought I would be able to get the rune essence pouches, talisman drops, Make-over mage and some new thieving done by around this time. I mean I have done most of it, but I don't want to release it without doing a few tests to make sure it's working fully.

Every now and then some players (I've only heard it happens to existing players) will experience a log in bug where they can't actually log in fully and play the server. When this occurs, your player's total time increases quite massively due to this bug; I've had to change these player's total time statistics out by looking at backup files. Of course, I don't want this to keep happening, so I might as well release only the part of the update which will sort the total time bug out even if the logging in bug will still exist. Hopefully, the new, more reliable way of saving player information should sort the total time issue out, we will have to wait and see. Also, from now on player's saved data will be considerably smaller (a bit more than 30% on average).

I quickly updated slayer assignments on the side: Normal slayer assignments now include all monsters apart from cows, guards, men/women and gnomes. Normal slayer assignments does NOT include slayer tower monsters. Slayer tower assignments now include all monsters in the slayer tower: Crawling Hands to Gargoyles!

EDIT (27-Feb, 00:32): The total time fix does work when the log in bug occurs. Really glad that's sorted out, now all player data should always be stable and correct.