The Slayer Tower holds a variety of Monsters that are assigned for the Slayer skill. Here is the list strictly for all of the monsters that are located in the Slayer Tower. If you would like to see the list for ALL of the Monsters in EscapeRuins, click here.

This list is in order of Combat level.

Crawling Hand - Level 7/8/11/12

Banshee - Level 23

-Banshees are one of the most highly hunted monsters in the slayer tower by new players due to the fact that they drop a lot of unidentified herbs and a chance to drop 1500 rune essence

Infernal Mage - Level 66

Bloodveld - Level 76

Aberrant specter - Level 96

Gargoyle - Level 111

Abyssal demon - Level 124

Dark beast - Level 182 (COMING SOON)