Owner's Runecrafting in the Abyss forum post posted on February 19th 2012. View the original post here.

Server Updated: 00:09

Hello, runecrafting update complete! I have decided not to do any work on quests yet, so you can start training this skill straight away.

Apart from a few monsters dropping rune essence, the easiest way to get rune essence is by mining. To get to the Rune Essence mine is simple; you right-click Aubury and chose the "Teleport" option. You are then presented with 2 options, the first being to teleport to the Rune Essence mine, and the second being to teleport to the inner ring of the Abyss (the rifts at the inner ring are used to get that rift's altar). Aubury is located in Varrock, directly south of the east bank just like RuneScape.

In the inner ring of the Abyss you must find the rift for the runes you want to make, also requiring the talisman for those type of runes. If you don't have the talisman, you cannot pass through the rift to get the altar. Once you go through the rift, just go up to the altar and click on it. And there you go, you have made some air runes haha.

Be sure to check out the runecrafting guide on the skill tabs, it will also show you what level is required to make multiple runes. Multiple runes can only be made when the required runecrafting level is met, this is like old RuneScape. Currently in RuneScape, there is a chance you can make X amount of runes per essence even when you are below the required levels for X amount of runes per essence. The chance increases as you get closer to the required level to make X amount of runes per essence, this is not true for this server. You simply won't make that amount of runes per essence until you fully reach the required level.

Aubury also has a shop which can be simply accessed by left-clicking him. He sells air, mind water and earth talismans, and a bunch of runes.

Next Update

I will add talisman drops for some monsters, this will include the talismans available in the shop as well the higher levelled ones for higher levelled monsters.

Rune essence pouches since that hasn't been coded yet.

New slayer tasks which I said I would do in this update lol.

The Make-over mage.

New thieving stuff.

You can now yell every 20 seconds instead of 30.