Escaperuins str

rock crabs

Rock crabs.(lvl 13')

The rock crabs are located in varrock sewers (type ::combat to get there using a teleport) and they are on the right of tureal.

They drop the following:

  • coins (most of the time)
  • bones (all of the time)
  • raw crab meat (all of the time)
  • bronze pickaxe
  • bronze axe
  • emerald
  • saphire
  • ruby
  • diamond
  • cooking gaunets (rare)

They have 50 hit points and give 6k exp in 1 of the following (strength, attack, defence, magic and ranged) and hit points as it is split up for ever 3 exp you get in the primary lvls will get you 1 exp in hit points...

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