Owner's New Potter's Wheel, Stringing Bows & Smelting Bars Interfaces... & Dark Bow forum post posted on November 17th 2011. View the original post here.

Hey, sorry was out for the last few days and had do to some work for university stuff.

Server updated at 21:13 forum time!

All interfaces added have the options shown in the context menu; just to mention in general the interfaces that contains a lot of items which can be made have the text in dark red if you haven't got the required level (look at the smelting interface).


And there is a basic bow stringing animation which Pixel badly wanted haha.

Topics which these updates were suggested from are here and here.

Dark bow fully working with special; however, dragon arrows ain't added yet so the special "Descent of Dragons" works for all types of arrows. Once dragon arrows are available, that special will only be when dragon arrows are equipped, and of course the weaker version "Descent of Darkness" will be for all other types of arrows equipped. Also it will later on be available from the monster dark beasts, but for now you can get it from donating if you want.