Owner's More Fixes and Additions Part 1 forum post posted on August 22nd 2012. View the original post here.

Hello, the update was running a little late - I should be able to get the 2nd part out shortly what took the most time was updating the client. Part 2 will mostly be server updates.

There was a minor update on the 17th of August; these are included in this update topic and will be coloured grey.


  • When a server update is announced and you log out before the timer has finished, before you couldn't log back in. However, now you can log back in and play on the server until the timer hits 0.
  • All magic emotes now include the staff.
  • Wyson the gardener NPC has been added to Falador park. Since farming is not out yet, you can trade your Mole remains with him for 3k.
  • Prices on the following items have been changed: Dragon pickaxe, dragon axe, inferno adze, h'ween masks and partyhats.
  • Added Bandos boots drops for the general and sergeants.


  • Client and cache updated. Changed some minor things.
  • Removed magic staff autocast option from the combat styles tab when you have a staff equipped. This is because you will be able to set the spell you want to autocast soon using the magic tab.
  • Bank value added to the top left of the bank interface. Also, if you click on the coin sprite you will get a message in your chat box returning the value of your bank. There was also a topic suggesting this here.


  • FaceBook icon added to the base interface.
  • Not really worth noting but when entering a command in-game (commands starts with "::"), you can only type the first 2 colons.
  • Correct bandos boots model has been added; you can now equip Bandos boots if you happen to have any!

Part 2 should be released in the next 2 days.