Owner's More Combat and Alchemy Spells and some Fixes forum post posted on July 12th 2012. View the original post here.

Okay, this took longer than expected! The 2 reasons are because I spotted some stuff that needed to be fixed and thus decided to look over previously written functions, and (the main reason) just to try and make sure the new things I added or the functions which I altered contained no bugs/glitches. Let's get on to the updates:

Blast and wave spells now work!

All monsters' drop rates for talismans have nearly doubled; it is now a bit easier to get a talisman as a drop. The death talisman is now available as a drop from all skeletons, so you can make death runes which are used for blast spells. Wave spells cannot be casted as there is no way of runecrafting blood spells yet. At a later date, I will be adding the Ourania Altar (also known as the ZMI Altar) so you can also runecraft the runes which cannot be currently runecrafted (blood and soul runes).

Here is a table showing all monsters which drop talismans and what talismans they drop:

Monster Talismans (most common to rarest)
Man/Woman (lvl-2) 1438 1440
Rock crab (lvl-13) 1454
Guard (lvl-21) 1446 1458
Skeletons (lvl-22/25) 1442 1452 1462 1456

Low level and high level alchemy spells are in fully working order!

Another important addition is the use of proper GFXs for the start, travel, and hit GFX for all combat spells! Previously, only the travel GFX was implemented which was actually the start GFX (if that makes sense haha). There's just one problem: I forgot to alter the height of the hit GFX; currently, the hit GFX appears on the floor. This will be fixed with the next update.