Owner's Minor Updates forum post posted on April 11th 2012. View the original post here.

Server Update: 00:07.

Hello, I apologise with the delays on any updates and the fact that this is just a bunch of small updates. I will simply list them:

Voting store and "::checkvote" command added. Only item in voting store (from Richard at Varrock centre) is 1,250 coins per voting point at the moment, this will be updated shortly. Here is the suggestions topic

Timer between yells decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

Starting items changed. You now get iron weapons instead of bronze (including arrows).

Deposit box added to the entrance of the Al Kharid mining site.

You now can't use the make-over mage until you have first selected your appearance with the interface that pops up when you first start the server.

Mining guild ladder and door now works.

Minimum time for an item to stay in general store has been decreased to 24 hours, with the max time decreasing to 7 days.

I am planning on finally sorting out the token store, the donations webpage and the voting store. Try and get it done by later today, or over the weekend.