Magic is one of the six combat skills. Magic is used to cast various spells using runes.  Magic is beneficial to players by allowing them to attack certain monsters in a safe place. Freezing in place and lowering stats are also what to offer in magic. A player's magic level contributes to their magic accuracy, their attack level does not. A player's magic level and defence level contributes to their magic defence by 70% and 30% respectively.

Level6 Magic
Skill Magic
Minimum level for Highscores 16 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 99 32 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 125 0 as of 22nd June 2013

Staves type Magic level Description
Staff Staff 1 Weakest, most basic magic weapon, used only for its' autocast feature.
Magic staff Magic staff 1 More of a bonus than a staff, players prefer elemental staves over magic staves because of the unlimited runes elemental staves offer.
Air staff Elemental staves 1 Recommended because of the unlimited runes they offer.
Battlestaff Battlestaff 30 Requires 30 attack to wield, better attack bonus than elemental staves.
Mystic air staff Mystic staves 40 Stronger staves than battlestaffs, requires 40 attack to wield.

Armour type Magic level Description
Blue wizard robe Wizard robes 1 Basic magic armour, used by pures.
Black mystic top Mystic 40 Best magic armour in EscapeRuins, requires 20 defence.

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