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Hello, just showing the interfaces I was working on for about a week and a bit; I completed most of it near the end of December (23rd or something.) Now I'm working on other stuff, I may post another suggestion topic about it later.

Here is the new shop interface, I like it how in RuneScape you can see the prices of items without having to click on all of them, it's just more convenient. Also in this image is the base and commands interface that appears every time you log on, although like usual you can access it from the quest tab. It's a tabbed interface as you can see, this is so when people log on for the first time they can see their is a commands section and can easily get used to the commands.


There is now tooltips for both the skill and equipment tab. The skill tab tooltip just shows the remainder of XP left until next level when hovering over a skill, and the equipment tooltip shows the stats of the hovered equipped items which I think is really helpful.

Skill-tab-tooltip Equipment-tab-tooltip

Lastly, some buttons now have a hovering sprite, such as the "X" close buttons and the items kept on death button on the equipment tab.

If you could post anything good or bad about them that would be useful. Also I was wondering about the tooltip on the skill tab, should that also include the "<SKILL NAME> XP" and the "Next Level At" text, so then the combat level and total level is always displayed at the bottom in the black box.

So the agility tooltip would go like this:

Agility XP: 450 Next Level At:512 Remainder: 62