Bronze WeaponsEdit

Item Street Price
Bronze scimitar Bronze scimitar 32 gp
Bronze Dagger Bronze dagger 10 gp
Bronze-axe Bronze axe 20 gp
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 40 gp
Bronze mace Bronze mace 18 gp
Bronze sword Bronze sword 26 gp
Bronze Bronze longsword 40 gp
Bronze spear Bronze spear 32 gp
Bronze warhammer Bronze warhammer 61 gp
Bronze battleaxe Bronze battleaxe 52 gp
Bronze 2h sword Bronze 2h sword 100 gp
Bronze-halberd Bronze halberd 125 gp
Bronze claws Bronze claws 48 gp

Mithril WeaponsEdit

Item Street Price
Mithril dagger 325 gp
Mithril axe 660 gp
Mithril pickaxe 1300 gp
Mithril mace 585 gp
Bronze mace Mithril sword 845 gp
Bronze sword Mithril longsword 1300 gp
Bronze Mithril scimitar 1040 gp
Bronze spear Mithril spear 1150 gp
Bronze warhammer Mithril warhammer 2000 gp
Bronze battleaxe Mithril battleaxe 1690 gp
Bronze 2h sword Mithril 2h sword 3000 gp
Bronze-halberd Mithril halberd 3380 gp
Bronze claws Mithril claws 475 gp
Item Street Price
mithril dagger 325 gp
mithril axe 660 gp
mithril pickaxe 1300 gp
mithril mace 585 gp
mithril sword 845 gp
mithril longsword 1300 gp
mithril scimitar 1040 gp
mithril spear 1150 gp
mithril warhammer 2000 gp
mithril battleaxe 1690 gp
mithril 2h sword 3000 gp
mithril halberd 3380 gp
mithril claws 475 gp
rune dagger 10k
rune axe 16k
rune pickaxe 32k
rune mace 15k
rune sword 21k
rune longsword 32k
rune scimitar 26k
rune spear 28k
rune warhammer 50k
rune battleaxe 48k
rune 2h sword 84k
rune halberd 114k
rune claws 23k
bronze med helm 24 gp
bronze full helm 44 gp
bronze kite shield 68 gp
bronze chainbody 60 gp
bronze platebody 160 gp
bronze platelegs 80 gp
bronze plateskirt 80 gp
bronze gloves 125 gp
bronze boots 125 gp
mithril med helm 780 gp
mithril full helm 1444 gp
mithril kite shield 2100 gp
mithril chainbody 1950 gp
mithril platebody 5200 gp
mithil platelegs 2600 gp
mithril plateskirt 2600 gp
mithril gloves 1250 gp
mithril boots 1250 gp
rune med helm 15k
rune full helm 25k
rune sq shield 23k
rune chainbody 50k
rune platebody 80k
rune platelegs 64k
rune plateskirt 64k
rune gloves 29k
rune boots 34k
rune kite shield 63k
cape (black) 30 gp
amulet of accuracy 100 gp
amulet of magic 900 gp
amulet of defence 1275 gp
amulet of strength 2000 gp
dragon chainbody 1.2m
dragon platelegs 350k
dragon boots 200k
dragon med helm 350 - 400k
dragon scimitar 120k - 130k
dragon spear 90k - 110k
cooking gaunlets 10k
dragon dagger 35k - 45k
dragon longsword 110k - 130k
These prices are very accurate, but do not have to be taken as their "ONLY" price. Some of these items can not be bought from a shop, but are either dropped from a Monster or have to be made using the Smithing skill. Use these prices as a guideline, and please make sure you do not get scammed. Prices change in the General Store, so they may be displayed differently. Prices may change due to the state of the economy: This means they can change at any time due to how many of each item is in-game, and to how many players there are in-game.