Owner's Item Database Released forum post posted on March 16th 2012. View the original post here.

Item database released! Well it was always accessible on this website, but I just didn't make the URI known lol.

Items that can be worn will have an equipable section which displays the slot that it belongs to, and if the item is 2-handed or not.

Item database link.

Other stuff that was changed: High scores table rows now change colour when hovered over and the whole rows are also clickable (both on the right side of the home page and any skills high scores page). Table lay out on the high scores page has also changed and is more centered, the left panel is also a fixed width. Forms on the bottom of the high scores page now match the theme of the table better. The navigation bar was changed so the "Database" link could be fitted and still be in 1 line.

What still needs to be added:

The sellable column only displays the first store the code can find that the item can be sold to. For instance, if you were viewing the rune pickaxe database page, it would display that it's sellable to the general store, but not display that it's also sellable to the standard weapon store. This will be fixed when the shop database is added.

When the shop database is added, the item database will also have a shops column which shows where the item can be bought.

A few items in the database don't have their images, I still need to upload them to the server. Some of the examine text is wrong as well, I should sort these things out within the next hour... just wanted to finally get this out. I also got to add the database links to the site.

Once I spend an hour or so "cleaning" up the item database, I will start working on the shop database, but I will probably fall asleep after that hour of cleaning up the database lol.

I don't know where the hell I got the idea that I'll release this "after 2-3 hours of more work" -.-

Thanks for reading!