Owner's Improved Trading System, Better Cooking Interface, and Further Optimization forum post posted on August 11th 2012. View the original post here.

Firstly, big apologies on the delays. I have actually been working on the server quite a lot though...

I will just list the updates quickly; I want to carry on working on the server as soon as possible!

New & Improved Trade System!

The whole trade system has been completely revamped and optimized!

If you request to trade with a player and that player doesn't accept your trade request within 10 seconds, your trade request is cancelled automatically. Also, any interface you open will automatically cancel your trade request. This is to prevent players from accepting your trade request and closing your interface (bank, shop, base, etc.)

When the trade system checks for freeslots, it now checks to see if the item you offered can be stacked on the other player's inventory. Also, if you both need free slots (for example, you both have a full inventory and offer 1 stackable item each when you have 100 of that stackable item) then it will say that you both need 1 slot each.

You can now walk off while in a trade (trade will be declined). This is helpful in certain situations when you want ro run away from the person you are trading with (wilderness). It is very unlikely that you will actually click on the minimap by accident while you are in a trade; that is also why this change has been implemented.

Cooking Interface

The interface has been replaced. Now, when you try and cook food, the interface displays first which allows you to chose the quantity you want to cook straight away (instead of cooking one first then chosing the quantity to cook).


A lot of things have been optimized, including inventories (your bag, bank, shops), high scores lists, the shop system.

When your walk cycle gets interrupted the red flag on the minimap disappears.

The command "::empty" has been removed.


The vote for points reminder bar functions better. Clicking the exit button ("X") doesn't reload the webpage- javascript is used to make the bar disappear. Now, the bar only appears when you can vote for points - there was a bug allowing the bar to appear in a certain situation even though you wouldn't be able to successfully vote for points.