Hitpoints is a skill that can be trained to raise a player's life points. Every attackable monster or player has a hitpoints level. Hitpoints tells you how healthy your character is. A player or monster who reaches 0 hitpoints has died, but will reappear at their chosen respawn location. If a red 'hitsplat' is shown during combat, the number shown corresponds to the number of hitpoints lost as a result of that strike. Blue hitsplats mean no damage has been dealt. There are currently no items that are needed for a specific hitpoints level. You can see a player's hitpoints % if they're in combat, this may help in a fight with another player. To do this, click the game controls tab and click "on" under "% above head".

Level3 Hitpoints
Skill Hitpoints
Minimum level for Highscores 52 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 99 140 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 125 1 as of 22nd June 2013

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