Owner's High Scores Extension and Revamp, Varrock Sewers Extension, and More forum post posted on March 6th 2013. View the original post here.

This update was separated into 2 parts for various reasons:

First part of the update was released on 01-Mar:


High scores lists can now hold up to 2500 players; it could only hold 500 players before.

High scores updating has been completely revamped and optimised.

The high scores are now updated instantly in-game: as soon as you gain XP for a skill, it puts the value on the high scores. The in-game high scores before would update with your player's stats every time your player was saved (which is usually every 3 minutes).

When you view the high scores interface in-game, you now get real time information. Every time a player gains XP (and is in the top 98 of course), you will see the change straight away! It's just quite a cool addition! View the high scores and check it out.

Added basic jewelry crafting: gold ring, gold necklace, and gold amulet. Also, improved the crafting skill guide.


Added "Updated x Minutes Ago" to the high scores webpage.

Added Twitter link next to our Facebook link in the form of an icon.

Second part of the update was released just earlier:


Added the Varrock sewers extension. You can now teleport straight to the end of the cave where deadly red spiders (level 34) and moss giants (level 42 and 84) await you! Varrock-sewers-extension

Added stringing category to the crafting skill guide.

Huge code clean up: mainly improved debugging wording which makes it much easier for me to read logs etc.

Player data is now usually saved every 2 minutes; it was 3 minutes before.

Changed "View Skillinitup (talk)helpSkillinitup (talk)" to "View Skillinitup (talk)FAQSkillinitup (talk)" on the quest tab. The help guide wasn't really necessary; I think a quick and easy to read FAQ would be great for new players. I just need some help with it. Click on it in the quest tab for information on how you can help me with the interface!