Owner's Gargoyles on Top Floor of Slayer Tower forum post posted on February 11th 2012. View the original post here.

Server Updated: 23:35!

Hello, finally updated the server. I had pretty much finished the gargoyles update on the 9th, however, I wasn't satisfied with some "old code" I had stumbled across which covered a range of areas: mainly NPCs/monsters and players. I spent a few hours in total from the 10th neatening the server's code; most of what I "neatened" up will help later on in processing and sending NPC data from the server to the site's database for NPCs, if that made any sense lol. Of course, there will also be databases for current items and shops. I say "current items" because there is no point in including all items in the whole game, if they aren't available in this private server. Also, it would help newcomers a lot to have access to databases for such basic things like where shops and monsters are located, and which items are currently available in the game.


Anyway, this update as previously stated is only for the first part of the top floor of the slayer tower, the area home to the gargoyles. Gargoyles are aggressive monsters and require a rock hammer to be used with it when it's HP is low. You will notice when it's HP is low enough because your player won't attack it or will do less damage than normal. Just to clarify, you do not need need to wait until you can't hit the gargoyle; you can use the rock hammer when it's HP is close to the lower limit. Whenever you realise this, just use your rock hammer with the gargoyle to smash it to death, if you can't yet you will receive a message in the chat box. You can smash the gargoyle with the rock hammer every second so it's quite fast and easy.

Rock hammers cannot be equipped and can be bought from the slayer master Turael who is located in the Varrock Sewers for 2 slayer points. When you smash a gargoyle with a rock hammer, your crush stats are used to determine the hit amount and your weapon's strength and crush stat bonus is removed from your respective totals if you have a weapon equipped; basically, your hit amount (and max hit) is calculated as if you have no weapon equipped, but your fighting style with the hammer will be crush of course!

Gargoyles in this server are the only monsters to drop granite mauls! Most common drops are coins of course, followed by steel equipment.

Next update will be Runecrafting.