Owner's Gamer Server VPS Move and Website VPS Upgrade forum post posted on May 15th 2013. View the original post here.

The most crucial update here was moving the game server to a virtual private server and then the website VPS upgrade. Also, there's some information on the recent small server updates.


05-May 06:03:

Added an additional voting store item: unlit bug lantern. You need a firemaking level of 33 to light it.

Changed the quantity of the zombies in Edgeville so there is 3 of each level.

12-May, 00:20:

The game server was moved from one of my personal computers near London (UK) to a proper VPS in New Jersey (US). We have seen that at just over 40 players there has been no performance issues, so it is obvious that the bottleneck--from 25 players online--is my internet connection. Also, since the game server is hosted in New Jersey now, our new VPS is good for the US and then Europe area in terms of network latency and speed (same for the website VPS--read below).

Changed the character backups from 4 per day to just 1 per day.


12-May, 22:23:

The website was moved to a more powerful VPS in New Jersey (US) with 512 MB more RAM. We was getting some PHP out of memory errors when there was relatively high traffic for us which we are not getting anymore with the move. Also, if you realised, sometimes the live stats signatures would not load--showing no image at all--which was due to PHP out of memory errors. The website--overall--seems to be faster as well now. So the upgraded VPS was well worth it!