Really? "NOTE: This page has been protected so that only established registered users can edit it." Thanks, now no one is gonna talk on this page.

"Trash spawn server" Right. With the escaperuins remake I wanted a economy where having even 15m is a lot. The experience wouldn't be very high (15-25x). The only way to obtain items would be from actually pvming, and some things from pvp and skilling. The way I wanted donator to work was with a perk based system (Non p2w, you never obtain items. For example Your perks would be like 25% increase in woodcutting speed, 25% chance to obtain a second log, 50% increase in woodcutting experience. That would be 1 perk, just for the skill woodcutting). I have tons of ideas, and fresh designs I want to incorporate into a server. I would really appreciate if you didn't just assume how my server would be. I loved frugooscape, but that's not what people want these days. My end goal with my server, is to be a full 2006 runescape release with all quests working, 1x rates, and some osrs content added (Mainly maps). - Tainted

Fucking Tainted startred working with RatedPixels and it sucks. Also the his escaperuins remake server was going to be a trash spawn server. Fuck you

Decided that every friday I'll release a update to the server. Every friday a new update log will be added to the trello - Tainted

If anyone even visits this page anymore, I noticed that the chatbox was down, so I fixed it: -Plooop

Should be fixed now - Tainted

It says that the Trello is private?

Updated the Trello today with Alpha 1.0 Update. Currently working on making some skills work. - Tainted

First off, I removed some os-atilla stuff (Only Mine). Now to the Point. Unfortunately, Atilla was a flop. It didn't go anywhere, and as some have said "It's the same as others". What you all want is a Escaperuins server, I can't promise to deliver a perfect Escaperuins server (I don't want some things so simply coded). However I really want to release something we can all look forward to playing every day. Now I know I have said this many times, but I'm starting a project. It's currently Rev. 108 Osrs server. This includes stuff like Zeah, Wilderness bosses, Rooftop Agility, Boss/Skilling pets....etc. No content is really coded at this point. Combat works(Melee, Haven't really tested mage and Range). It may take a little while to finish this source to a releasable standpoint. Somethings that I need to do Include: giving the server a name, Get all skills working, 5 bosses, teleports, commands, fixing a lot of items not equipping to right slot, and a few more things. I don't update the Trello very often (Only really update it when I change my version number in-game), but you can follow development progress here :

Hey guys, the date is 7/18/2016. This is Grizzly for anyone who remembers. I hope somebody checks this and sees this. I really do miss this server a ton. Wonderful community and wonderful people. Ways to get in touch with me.. My rsn name is niztopia. I am on there occasionally. Same name in every server I play. My Steam name is also the same. Probably the best way is to add me on Steam. I miss you guys and I miss this server. It would be nice to reconnect with some of you. -Grizzly


Reverted - Pixel

I don't know who removed the entire chat from 2013, But I guess I'll restart it. Find me here :

os-atilla is terrible... do not join - Tainted

Just some thoughts about atilla, its just like the other servers with a shop where you can buy everything needed. It brings nothing new and will die in a few weeks/months. In other words it sucks, dont waste your time on it Tainted. Funny thing is you said you would do a server but you havent done a single line of code for Atilla.

In the next few weeks We'll be launching, I'm part of a small team that Is dedicated to making this server great. Clue scrolls are fully working, All bosses on OSRS Until Zulrah, Bank tabs, Max/Comp Cape..Etc . Almost done and should be up soon. - Tainted

I'm praying that tainted can work on/finish this server stuff, im really missing this community - Battis

I miss you escaperuins - Ukf

TAINTED IS FULL OF SHIT, HAVENT HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THE SERVER AND NO UPDATS IN TRELLO "The only thing I'm willing to promise, is that I will not stop working on this server+client." WEEK LATER NO UPDATES, SUCK MU COCK YOU LAZY FUCK

Have been playing Divine-Reality, server has been down for 3 days now, pray4me - Battis

Oo, TaintedScape :P - Pixel

Hey guys, I purchased a dedicated VPS a few days ago, I'm looking into a site on friday, as well as getting IPB on friday. I should have everything up and running by March 1st. See you all soon ~ Tainted

Today I picked up a really good Source+Client (Its way more advanced than escaperuins was). Refer to above message or release date ~ Tainted.

Hey i really miss this fucking server, i will never forget <3 -Hamp2

Played Simplescape for 4-5 hours yesterday. Server is stable and all the skills are there but there was nobody online and i don't like the RS3 setting. Don't think i will be back. But a good idea to share it here Tainted. - A random stranger that played EscapeRuins a long long time ago.

That was mostly the reason I left simplescape - Tainted

Can Tainted give some exact dates?

Server is not going to come back i guess? - A random stranger that played EscapeRuins a long long time ago.


Hello guys it is King Cut (everyone's favorite person) how has everyone been and what is the status with the server and so on?


If you wish to post something on THIS page then please only IMPORTANT posts please! If you wish to chat or say anything that isn't vital to whats going on with the server or updates from Owner please chat here: , Important messages insert below the line. Thank you! -Alphabet


I believe I am the last person in-contact with owner, there have been a few exchanges of ideas of him rehosting the server nothing has happened yet and this was in September. - Cyamate


Owner - Spetember 12th

ATM, I'm looking into how I'm going to go about hosting the server... With DDoS protection  and so on.. So couple of weeks still

[9/12/2014 10:57:19 PM] z: Yeah.. It's alright

[9/12/2014 10:57:26 PM] Sean Swag: send me a copy of the server

[9/12/2014 10:57:36 PM] Sean Swag: i want to test it and stuff

[9/12/2014 10:58:13 PM] z: I don't have a working version ATM, in halfway through working on some stugg

[9/12/2014 10:58:16 PM] z: Stuff


1. No shit 2. 5 dolla 3. ty 4. 2007 - Cyamate

Hey guys, Tainted here. I currently play Divine-Reality with "Cyamate". My IGN is Artemis. Come and play with us all.

erm cyamate, it appears you have a staff position there. Question 1: would you abuse me? Question 2: how much did u donate for mod there? Question 3: your username is quite fitting for ya (yeah not a question). Question 4: is it old school? If not, what year? Ok that is all ty. -Giant Penis

Hey guys please come to Divine-Reality and add me "Buffoon", would be nice to talk to some of you guys - Cyamate

I started playing Divine Reality like Sparkles said, if anybody wants to play my username is "Justyna V2" (I screwed up the first one quickly)

nooooooooo the chat link is broken!@!@!@! also, everyone who can, add me on kik "giantpcrs" :p -Giant Penis

A lot of players have migrated over to Divine-Reality decent server if anyone is interested. - Sparkles

Someone make a group chat or something -Justy

OMG killaqool :) justy it's been way 2 long. to owner if you're alive/not in jail and reading this, pls re-open k thanks. -giant penis

Hey People! been forever since I last talked to all of you! I kinda miss you all. -Killaqo (Ex-Mod :D )

Hey GP! It's been centuries bro -justy

justyna i miss u so much <3 <3 <3 <3 -giant penis

Hello losers! It's Justy here. Long time no see.. a really long time actually. How is everyone?

omg Feel pls code er2 that'd be gr8 m8! and could you really code any slower than old owner lol? -giant penis

Tainted here, Long time no post. Anyways, I will eventually get around to creating escaperuins 2. Unfourtently I can't code very well, So if I ever do code a server we will not have updates very often until i hire a coder. Anyways I'll come back in a little while to tell you weither or not I've got a server we could all play. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/New year. -Tainted

this is fyb im sorry to hear all of this i hope you have are doing good and miss a few of you long live escaperuins !!!!

Probably not, Laurann. Keep checking back here or the site posted below every month or so, if it ever does come back it will be posted here :) - Pixel

Never coming online again is it? - Laurann

  • Hello my loves. i truly miss this server. i really want to talk to you all. i miss you all. legit shit. -Giant Penis (or on other servers, Giant P) -posted Dec. 28, 2014 at 7:25 PM CST. *

--​ATTENTION-- '''The past several weeks the game server and website have been on/off. For the past week (June 2) the website has been down with no contact from Owner. Not on facebook, not on Twitter, not on anything. Last Owner said was that he was terribly busy and wasn't able to come on. That was about 1-3 days before the website went down a week ago (June 2). Let's hope it comes back soon. When the server stabilizes someone may remove this message.-Abc

-I just recieved word from owner that the server will be back up in a few days, he ended up coding more shit before releasing it -taint

Do you have proof of this "tainted" ?

Tainted I added you on skype. Accept it lol -Abc

Im actually going away for a few weeks to go make some money working for the carney. So when i get back if owner still has not started hosting ill see if he will give me all the server shit and start hosting it myself. -Taint

I still don't see how you have connection with Owner, because nobody else does. I know a few people have his skype, but even then.....Anybody tried a desperate attempt to message him on facebook? Lol. But Tainted how much longer until you're back? You've been gone for some time now...

Server is down for good said Owner, he said "You guys are fucking faggots" I cant fucking believe he would say this what a fucking asshole. - Tainted

Never said this ^^^^^-tainted

How do you have connection with him though? If thats the case someone needs to make a knock-off version of the server copy everything and call it Escaperuins...-Abc

And also me and setis where in the middle of coding a server when i kind of messed up the

plz host the server again so i can suck torins balls -Tainted

is their no way you can play the server using a downloadable client?


Why is there no fyncman on this page? - fyncman

Here's a shitty chatbox I made a few days after the server went down back in late May.


-- hello...? -hamp2

yo its chino its been a dark lonely world without you guys, i will always love you giant penis

Hey ppl, just wondering if anyone is still on this page, it's Sven and to Justyna who I was talking to over a year ago I got in a huge accident and was in the hospital for months and forgot about a lot when I left. If you still read this and want to chat, my email is :)

-Karter P was here

-Swin was here 14/12/2015. I miss this server so much, please bring it back! Message my Skype guys: "dhfbkl". Miss you all!


EscapeRuins was founded on 15th December 2010. It is a Runescape Private server, which uses the "Old school" 317 style graphics. It is fully coded by Owner, and it uses his own custom source. Unlike many other Runescape Private Servers, which have skills going up to 99, EscapeRuins has a max skill level of 125. Each skill has a maximum xp barrier of up to 2,000,000,000, 10x more than Runescape's barrier. The skill rate is 30x for every skill. There are currently 35,797 player accounts logged as of January 29, 2013.


Not all skills in Escaperuins are finished being made, but they are all available and can be trained with the exception of Farming. All skills have a experience rate of 30x, though on January 30, 2013 Owner changed the rates of Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic from the rate of 120x to 30x. He also changed Prayer and Slayer from 60x to 30x rate. All players were affected and had experience reduced, ie: A player with 125 Attack would now have about 111 attack (?).


Escaperuins has a set of player staff that are hand picked by Owner. They are promoted when needed and are demoted when gone inactive, quit, resigned, or banned. The staff team is comprised of players of all ages and do not get special items for being staff. The current Escaperuins staff team is comprised of:

-Owner (The owner of the server) -Fyncman (Forum & Game Moderator) -Cyamate (Game Mod) -Torin (Game Mod) -P12a (Game Mod)

Players that were once staff, but are no longer are listed here:


Typically there are about 18 players on during low hours and 32 during primetime. Everyone is typically very nice and very helpful. We are filled with players of all ages, but mostly between 14-23. There's frequent community events that players create and run by themselves such as Lotterys, drop partys, games, and hide n' seek. There's also a mildy active forums which players can post just about anything. One of the biggest things players are competitive in are highscores. We have a highscores list which lists the top 2500 players in every category. It is updated every 15 minutes along with ingame highscores which are updated simultaneously. 

Highscores page listing 'Total Level' and skills section

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