Owner's Defenders Release, Extra Voting Store Items, and Fully Working Private Chat forum post posted on April 29th 2013. View the original post here.

This update topic contains 2 updates:

First update was at 14-Apr at 04:18:


Defenders introduced back into the game--I don't know why I removed them. Bronze to Rune defenders dropped by slayer tower monsters. Also, the rune defender available from the slayer store for a 100 slayer points. The rune defender dropped by a few high-level slayer tower monsters is very rare, so it's better to rely on getting it from the slayer store.

Added more items to the voting store: Highwayman mask, Gas mask, Camel mask, Lederhosen hat, Lederhosen top, Lederhosen shorts, Orange boater, and the 3 Tribal masks.


Increased needles and thread stock to 250 and 2500 respectively in Tanner's Crafting Store.

Twitter icon on base interface.

Second update was at 29-Apr at 05:28:


Fully working private chat! Private chat filters work properly. Friends and ignore list work and load properly. Also, they show how many friends you got. Max amount of friends has increased to 200 from 100 and the number of friends and ignores you have is shown. Only mods can see if you are online; even if your private chat filter is set to friends or off, or you have a mod in your ignore list.

You now scroll 2 lines per mouse wheel rotation in the chat box instead of 1, and, if there is no interface open in the game area, you can scroll your chat box when the cursor is there. Before, you could only scroll your chat box using the mouse wheel when the cursor was in the chat box area.