Owner's Crafting Addition, Mining and Woodcutting Fixes forum post posted on August 12th 2011. View the original post here.

Skill Interface

Added mining/woodcutting level requirements to be able to use the pickaxes/axes for mining/woodcutting.


Mining & Woodcutting

Added required mining level to use pickaxes on rocks, required attack level also works properly (before you could equip any pickaxe/axe regardless of your attack level). So now you can use a pickaxe to mine but may not be able to equip it, if you have a weaker pickaxe wielded but a better one which you may use in your inventory you will use the one you have equipped. Everything said also goes for woodcutting.

Also whilst mining/woodcutting the pickaxe/axe you are using to mine/woodcut is shown:



You can now craft hardleather bodies with hard leather.


Fixed more grammar about level requirements when equipping weapons and armour.