Owner's A few Magic Spells and some nice Fixes forum post posted on July 29th 2012. View the original post here.

I have said this many times, but I really do need to keep the updates coming now! I should be releasing updates more frequently now.

Bones to bananas, bones to peaches, and crumble undead now work!

Now, there is only notifications when new players login and not when existing players login (before there were notifications for both). Also, if you are in the wilderness and login, the base interface doesn't appear any more.

The previous update topic contains a table showing what talismans monsters drop; this might be useful to you if you want to stock up on runes, train magic, etc. If you'd like to see the table, here's the topic: More Combat and Alchemy Spells and some Fixes!

I am now working on the rest of the magic spells; close to all of them should be working by the next update. There might be a quick bug fixes update on the 31st, so this update won't contain anything apart from a few bug fixes. I will keep everyone informed...