Owner's 1st Update Topic forum post posted on March 16th 2011. View the original post here.

Hello everyone, here's my first update summary topic, each one will include all (or most of the updates I can remember) that I've done to the game since I last updated it.

Basically, each time I go to update the server I will start a new update topic.

NOTE: Not all updates are listed, as I remember them I'll add them to this post.

Feel free to reply of course!

Updates before 16th March (before this post)

Prayer fully works apart from Redemption (working on that), prayer drains at EXACTLY the same speed as RS, providing a good base for the combat triangle. Combat is fully working (only melee currently).

Only slash stats were taken into account when in melee combat regardless of your fighting style, now your fighting style takes into account the right stats, as well as the max hit is correct to RS.

Now weapons such as claws, mace, warhammer display the correct fighting styles unlike before when they would display the same fighting style as a longsword for example. Just need to code it the same for NPCS, as I've only done it for PVP.

Updates 16th March

Wilderness melee PK'ing is flawless, players follow other players when they are close by, wilderness level increases at a faster rate to overcome the increased combat levels due to the max level being 125.

From then

Making NPC melee combat the same as player combat, since they are coded as 2 seperate things.

NPC's will hit properly and will have a realistic defence (and maybe weaknesses, crush for example with spiders). Sorting out 4 hit specials for weapons such as dragon claws, and all other dragon weapons special, will list them as I go. Can now hit twice in one round properly, therefore 2*2 for dragon claws.

You receive update!

Then fully functional range.

Could you tell me what defence hit splat you prefer!

My made up one:


Or the new one: